Hire a Chatty Nanny to Help Your Baby’s Language Development

Perhaps surprisingly to many of us parents: the child’s nanny was more effective than both the mother and father in encouraging the child to learn new words (even controlling for the amount of language heard from each of the three primary childcare providers).

How and how often we talk with babies is one of the greatest influences adults have on a baby’s language development.  Great nannies (and parents) already do what this study suggests but this blog does a great job of outlining what adults can do specifically. 

Plus I love that in the study of the lab director’s child, his nanny had the most influence!

How do you encourage your charge’s language development?

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  1. Posted by Lora Brawley on January 28, 2011 at 8:57 am


    I completely agree. Understanding how certain actions impact the kids we care for encourages nannies to avoid some actions and add others to their daily routine. And language development is a great professional development topic.


  2. I just came across this article now.

    But I find it relevant still as I saw a recent discussion on another forum about nannies talking to the children, etc.

    Some parents were asking about what nanny should be doing with infant and another nanny complaining about the way the mom talked to child and her when she got home.

    It just reminds of the need for nannies to understand how important language is, and that perhaps they would know this with more training and education.


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