Welcome to the blog for AllAboutNannyCare.com!  Those that know me know I generally have an opinion about everything.  So I’ve decided to catch up with the rest of you and start a blog.  Agree, disagree, think I’m crazy…I want to hear it all!


I must make an official disclaimer and say the opinions expressed here are completely my own and do not reflect the position of any organization that I’m associated with.

For those that want a more formal About page, my bio is below.

For those seeking expert assistance in the recruitment, screening and retention of quality in-home caregivers and the creation of successful nanny / family relationships, Lora Brawley offers a wealth of experience and expertise.  During her 18 years in the nanny industry, she’s earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies and intuitive guidance to the nannies and parents she works with.  

Ms. Brawley has developed a variety of exclusive tools to help caregivers and families find the right job / nanny match.  Among those, her Ready, Set, You’re Hired! job prep intensive helps nannies accurately assess a family’s needs and evaluate their ability to successfully meet those needs.  Her Smart Hire program helps parents explore the six discussion areas that are crucial to finding the right nanny for their family.  And her popular A to Z Nanny Contract guides caregivers and parents through the ins and outs of a developing and maintaining a successful employment relationship. 

Throughout her diverse career within the nanny industry, Ms. Brawley has been a sought after expert on a variety of in-home care topics.  She’s been a guest on Rolanda, Sally Jessie Raphael, The Geraldo Show, Dateline and more recently, an expert on CNN fn as well as a resource for CHILD magazine and the British journal, The Professional Nanny.  She has also been a speaker at various local nanny organizations, the International Nanny Association’s annual conference, the National Association for Nanny Care’s annual conference, and for five consecutive years, the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s annual conference. 

Community service is also an important part of Ms. Brawley’s professional life.  From the time she began working as a nanny, Ms. Brawley has served as a leader within several of the  organizations that serve the nanny profession.  Her commitment to bringing across-the-board standards to the in-home care industry led her to found NANC, the National Association for Nanny Care.  She currently serves as President of NANC and is one of the primary architects of the NANC three tier nanny credential.  She has also forged alliances with organizations in the larger childcare industry to help demystify the role of a nanny and encourage a greater understanding of what defines quality in-home care.   


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