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The Portable Pediatrician

UrbanBaby has a great feed.  They preview books, baby products, games, toys, whatever.  Often I see things there first or they feature things I don’t see anywhere else.

Today they gave a review of The Portable Pediatrician.  I haven’t read it yet but it features a great author line-up and a super comprehensive, user friendly table of contents. 

I tend to buy reference books like this one at my local Barnes and Noble because I like to be able to dig into the content and see if it’s what I really need.  So next time you’re at your local store, check it out.  Every household should have a great child medical reference book on hand. 

Best Blog and Newsletter in the Nanny Business

I read a lot of blogs and newsletters from a variety of sources.  A few are really great, many are pretty good and, well the rest just get canceled.  When it comes to nanny-related reading, there are two standouts in our industry.

First, Kathy Webb’s blog.  Every nanny, parent and business owner should be subscribed to this blog.  Kathy features a variety of topics but every one falls into the “info you can use” category.  Overall, she deals mostly with legal and tax issues and presents the information in user-friendly language and gives practical examples of how the info impacts real life.  These aren’t obscure tax codes posts.  These are “Wow, I’m glad I know that!” entries.

Second, Be the Best Nanny Monthly Guide.  Every month,  Stephanie Felzenberg provides uber in-depth coverage of one nanny-related subject.  She polls a huge number of nannies on the monthly topic and presents her findings through an well-written narrative featuring interesting quotes and helpful resources.  If you work as a nanny, you should be a regular reader of this newsletter.

Have other resources you love?  Share them here. 

Provider Appreciation Day is May 6th

Every year businesses and organizations come together to celebrate and recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children.  Nannies are an important part of that amazing crowd.  This year I’ll be spearheading a nationwide effort to highlight the work nannies do.  My goal is to help nanny-related businesses, support groups and parents organize fun events for in-home caregivers in their local communities. 

A national effort not only makes it more fun for those involved, it helps us get our message out more effectively.

If you’d like to be involved, let me know.  I welcome all suggestions!  Let’s work together to make this a great event.

What activities should my nanny be doing with my child?

I’ve seen an increase in the number of parents wondering if their nanny is engaging their child enough on a day-to-day basis. 

I love that these parents are realizing nanny care is not simply babysitting.  That quality nannies actively engage children in age appropriate activities that foster all areas of development and growth. 

There are lots of resources that offer fun, creative ideas for kids of all ages.  One of my favorites is A Place of Our Own.  They have a handy drop down menu so you can quickly and easily pick the type of activity you’re interested in and the skill you’d like to focus on. 

I’d love to hear some of your favorite resources for great activities.

organize your ideas with EVERNOTE. really.

This free and feature packed tool is organizing all the info I collect online. 

I do a lot of online research.  For business, webinars, personal interests, whatever.  Before discovering EVERNOTE I would visit websites and cut and paste the info into one huge Word document.  It was time-intensive and inefficient.  (Did I mention I’m the opposite of tech savvy?)  With EVERNOTE I simply right click the webpage, quickly add a tag and the info is magically stored for me.  (Thanks to Chris Brogan for introducing me to the service.  Chris is my absolute favorite business blogger – hard to beat smart, funny, honest AND relevant.)

For all you on-the-go people out there, EVERNOTE works with your computer, phone and mobile device.  All your brilliant and mundane ideas in one place and accessible from pretty much everywhere. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Hire a Chatty Nanny to Help Your Baby’s Language Development

Perhaps surprisingly to many of us parents: the child’s nanny was more effective than both the mother and father in encouraging the child to learn new words (even controlling for the amount of language heard from each of the three primary childcare providers).

How and how often we talk with babies is one of the greatest influences adults have on a baby’s language development.  Great nannies (and parents) already do what this study suggests but this blog does a great job of outlining what adults can do specifically. 

Plus I love that in the study of the lab director’s child, his nanny had the most influence!

How do you encourage your charge’s language development?

A to Z Nanny contract: best in the business…Guaranteed

I’ve completely revamped the A to Z Nanny Contract and I’m really excited about the final product.  It now features 2 parts; a customizable template formatted in MS Word and a comprehensive guidebook. The template allows you to quickly and easily create a custom contract that reflects your unique situation. The guidebook walks you through each item listed in the contract; providing an overview, the related industry standard and advice on what to consider when deciding on your approach.

The guidebook also provides Danger! and Brownie Point comments which offer insight into sticky situations nannies and families commonly face and highlight ways in which employers can help or hinder the employment relationship.

One of the great benefits of the A to Z Nanny Contract is that it brings up questions parents and nannies don’t know they should ask or are uncomfortable asking.  When those questions are from a 3rd party and presented as part of the contract development process, the pressure is off and the conversation is on.   

For nannies those questions might be…Who is responsible for Monday morning mess?  Is it OK to buy personal food using the household account?  Do I get severance pay if you hire a nanny before my notice period is up?  Will you pay my deductible if I’m in an accident while working?

And it helps parents just as much.  They wonder…  Is it OK to ask you to empty the dishwasher every morning?  Can I limit the type of purchases made from the cash account?  Do I have to pay you for the days you’re off when we’re traveling?  How can I provide incentives for you to stay long term?  Should I be offering paid sick days? 

Imagine having a written agreement that outlines the answers to those and many, many other questions that come up in a nanny job.  Oh, the problems you’d avoid!

A comprehensive nanny contract should be a part of every nanny employment relationship.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going into your first job or hiring your first nanny.  If you’ve been in the business for 20 years or have had nannies since your teenager was born.  A nanny contract is essential and the A to Z Nanny Contract is the best in the business.  Guaranteed.

I offer nanny support group members $20 off the A to Z Nanny Contract (saving almost 40%!) and now I’m extending that offer to my readers.  All five of you.  :)  Simply enter the discount code      nannyfriends     during payment processing. 

Nickelodeon wins TOADY award, Boo for them

I’ve always liked the Nickelodeon channel but I recently came across this story thanks to Janice St. Clair of the Boston Area Nanny Support Group.  Really disappointed that I can’t just trust that their website content is age appropriate.  I encourage everyone to read the article and sign the petition.

New Children’s Book About the Arrival of a New Nanny

I love it that we’re starting to see a few children’s books include references to nannies.  And a new one hits the virtual shelf today.  Written by a nanny of course.  🙂  A short intro from the publisher…

My Nanny Comes Today, by Ginny Thurber, is a refreshing and delightful look into the life of a small child who is concerned about her new Nanny coming and how it will change her life. The adorable way in which Ms. Thurber deals with these worries teaches anyone reading the book that a new Nanny can turn a beloved child’s fears into feelings of comfort an anticipation of adventure.

The rhythmic style is a treasured bonus for listening babies and toddlers! Every Nanny will want to carry a copy in their Nanny bags. A “Must Read” for anyone with a Nanny and everyone anticipating the arrival of a loving new Nanny!

Information is at: 
HOWEVER: order directly from the author and save $5-6 on the $9.50 shipping/handling charge the website tacks on!
Email to request the book and give your shipping address, and she will send a pay pal message including reasonable shipping costs.



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