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  2. Posted by Janice on March 23, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Sometimes the account is just for discretionary spending for outings with the child: museum entrance fees, snacks, and such. The account should pay for the nanny’s fees and meals during such approved outings, as they are part of the job. It’s a greyer area, and up to the parents, whether they’re comfortable paying for her ice cream or other treats during a dedicated treat outing.

    I’ve heard there are credit cards with a low limit that parents can use for nannies. I think the set-up is the same as the debit card for teens, and that it’s designed for teens to be able to use a “safe” credit card just like the debit card you described. That would have the added benefit of listing the point of purchase for each use in the card statement. Although I’d still save receipts to prove that the items purchased were child-related.


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