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Nannypalooza 2009 in coming to DC!

Been working on the details for Nannypalooza 09 in DC.  We’ve moved it to a different location than originally planned so we can still offer a high quality conference at a crazy low rate with even MORE training than before.  So what’s fun to do in DC on a Saturday night?

How much responsibility do the parents bear for hiring a nanny that can’t swim when she drowns in their pool trying to save their child?

The nanny who drowned after jumping into the pool to save her toddler charge (he’s expected to make a full recovery) is no doubt a hero.  Especially given the fact that she was unable to swim.  But I can’t help but ask the question that has got to be on everyone’s mind – why was she in charge of three children under the age of seven at a private pool with no lifeguard or other swimming adults?  In what world does that make sense?  I agree this is a terrible tragedy but I also think that this nanny’s employer must take some responsibility for putting her in a position she was clearly not qualified for.  I can’t imagine the remorse the family must be feeling about this nanny’s death.  But this could have been avoided.  I think that is the real tragedy. 

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